Fundraising and Sponsoring


Is Your Company Interested in Supporting Projects of the Department of Computer Science?

Sponsoring provides companies with an excellent opportunity to get in touch with our students and research groups. Particular benefits contained in our sponsoring packages include:

  • a booth at the company contact trade fair, which accompanies all our biannual graduate festivals (Summer Festival in June, Tag der Informatik in December)
  • the placement of your logo on our website
  • the execution of a workshop organized by you in our premises, including appropriate promotion
  • job and event mailings to our main mailing list for students
  • the placement of job advertisements on the Career Center website of RWTH Aachen University

For additional information about our sponsoring packages and in case you are interested in further sponsoring benefits, please contact Sandra Kiefer.

Special Funding

Apart from general sponsoring, companies have the opportunity to fund or support specific projects or activities. Currently, we are looking for partners who support

  • the establishment of a new IT infrastructure for our Faculty Student Council
  • the implementation of pupils’ projects during the Aachen Informatics Days
  • mentoring activities to provide guidance to our first-term students

Supported by

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