Guest researcher 2017


Quarter-day tutorials and/or condensed courses, 2–4 lectures, are given by national and international guest researchers on specialised aspects of uncertainty and randomness. These are intended to broaden the horizon of the doctoral researchers with actual topics in randomness and uncertainty that complement the competences and background of the participating professors. Participation in lectures of visiting researchers is obligatory for the doctorate researchers. This qualification programme part enables the doctorate researchers to get in touch with internationally well-established researchers. The contacts between the doctoral researchers and the visiting lecturers may be a step towards research visits and/or postdoctoral fellowships in the remainder of their scientific career. Finally, the visiting research programme increases the international visibility of the Research Training Group.

  Name Research Area Kontakt
Möhring, Rolf H. Graph and network algorithms, Combinatorial optimization, Project scheduling, Operations research, Industrial applications

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Kwiatkowska, Martha Modelling and analysis methods for complex systems, Arising in computer networks

Jansen, Nils Formal verification, Analysis and synthesis of stochastic systems, Probabilistic programs

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Moerman, Joshua Active automata learning, Algorithms, Functional programming, Homotopy theory, Coalgebra and category theory