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The PromotionsCafé is an initiative executed by the Fachgruppe Informatik and the UnRAVeL research training group.

The goal surrounding the PromotionsCafé is to inform and discuss about themes and problematics, which trespass the normal limits of the academic sector, for instance career management, career opportunities, gender and much more.

All doctoral candidates are very welcome to participate in the PromotionsCafé.


What is the PromotionsCafé?

The PromotionsCafé is an initiative by UnRAVeL which seeks to provide a platform for doctoral candidates at the department. It was created in the context of the AlgoSyn graduate school and has recently been further expanded as an independent institution under the coordination of the UnRAVeL genderteam.

What are the Aims of the PromotionsCafé?

The PromotionsCafé is a platform for doctoral candidates to discuss matters beyond the everyday academic activities, such as career planning, job opportunities, as well as gender-related and other topics.

If you have any suggestions for topics to discuss, please write an email to Ms. Bolke-Hermanns.

Who can Participate?

All doctoral candidates at the department are invited to participate in the PromotionsCafé.


Upcoming PromotionsCAFÉ: Financial Independence

Mathias Schulze

Location: Online Session
Meeting ID: 913 8742 3013
Passcode: 857324

Speaker: Mathias Schulze - IT Consultant, member of the Financial Independence (FI) community

Financial independence is the freedom to choose whether you want to work or not, to have the choice to work on what you want and to work when, how and where you want. In this talk it will be discussed how you can get closer to having enough passive income to pay for your living expenses, optimally for the rest of your life, without depending on a job or others. At the same time individual compromises between working towards having choices through financial independence in the future and sacrificing too much in the meantime has to be reached.

Mathias will talk about the concepts of Financial Independence (FI) and Early Retirement and how you can find and fund your desired lifestyle and make work optional. He is member of the FI community who organizes Retire to Freedom meetups and hosts the FI Europe Podcast.