Rebecca Haehn


Doctoral researcher

Rebecca Hähn
Computer Science Departement, RTG UnRAVeL


Department of Computer Science
Erweiterungsbau 3, Room 9218
Ahornstrasse 55
52074 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 21243

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Publications related to UnRAVeL

Source Author(s)
[Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]
Freight Train Scheduling in Railway Systems
In: Measurement, Modelling and Evaluation of Computing Systems : 20th International GI/ITG Conference, MMB 2020, Saarbrücken, Germany, March 16-18, 2020, Proceedings / edited by Holger Hermanns, 225-241, 2020
[DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-43024-5_14]
Haehn, Rebecca
Ábrahám, Erika
Nießen, Nils
[Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]
Evaluation of Equational Constraints for CAD in SMT Solving
In: Satisfiability checking and symbolic computation : SC-Square 2018 : proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Satisfiability Checking and Symbolic Computation, co-located with Federated Logic Conference (FLOC 2018) : Oxford, UK, July 11, 2018 / edited by Anna M. Bigatti (Dipartimento di Matematica, Università degli Studi di Genova, Genova, Italy), Martin Brain (Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK ), [19]-32, 2018
Haehn, Rebecca
Kremer, Gereon
Ábrahám, Erika