Christoph Grüne: Complexity and Algorithms in Optimization under Uncertainty



Christoph Grüne

Doctoral researcher


+49 241 80 21104



Optimization under uncertainty is a field in which problems are optimized against some form of uncertainty. For this, finding measures of robustness to find solutions that deal with the given form of uncertainty is of interest. The project will focus on different measures of robustness and different complexity viewpoints to analyze certain forms of problems. Among those may be problems with one player against an adversary (the “nature”), two players against each other or multiple player settings playing against or with each other. That is, the uncertainty is modelled by an adversary player playing against the agent. The complexity analysis may be based on classical complexity classes as well as parameterized complexity.
The first project is on Recoverable Robustness with a Hamming-distance measure which shall encounter combinatorial uncertainty scenarios. In this setting, a solution S is given and for every possible scenario, which may occur in this setting, we can choose another solution, S' , which differs in at most only k elements from solution S 0 . That is, we can recover from a harmful scenario by choosing a different solution, which is not too far away from the first solution.
The project surveys the complexity of k-Hamming-distance recoverable robust version of problems that are in NP for different types of scenarios among a constant number of arbitrary scenarios, Gamma-scenarios, and general scenarios for elements of the universe. The analysis is primarily based on classical complexity measures such as the polynomial hierarchy.