Nadine Friesen: Robust Infrastructure



Nadine Friesen

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Major railway infrastructure has to be planned long ahead due to long planning periods. Therefore, potential bottlenecks in the infrastructure have to be recognized at an early stage to initiate corresponding counter measures. At present, the future infrastructure is planned while only little about the intended operation is known. Hence, the timetable and the operation are adjusted to the infrastructure. Since space, time and money for extension measures of railway infrastructure are limited, each modification has to be done carefully. Infrastructural projects have to planned such that the infrastructure will be appropriate for the future uncertain demand. Nadine Friesen’s research focus is to find a procedure for robust infrastructure planning. Based on a given uncertain timetable concept, infrastructural projects are going to be determined which meet the requirements of the timetable concepts medium- and long-term. Friesen is working on an optimisation model for the integration of the temporal aspect of the network design problem.