Neues Verfahren zur Beantragung und Abrechnung von Dienstreisen


On October 1 the new electronic travel costs workflow started.The old RAFAEL system using paper forms will be cut off.

For being able to use the new system for UnRAVeL travels you will get a coupon for the role "Reisender" (traveler).

Before applying for a new travel it is essential to read our guideline at Sciebo:
sciebo/UnRAVeL/UnRAVeL_Information-Resources-Forms/Travel Costs-Reimbursement/UnRAVeL-Reisekosten_E-Workflow_Guideline.

In "Kostenstelle" (cost unit) it is necessary to fill in the number of UnRAVeL: 080060!
Please do not fill in the "PSP-Element"!