Tabea Brandt
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Tabea Brandt


Graduiertenkolleg UnRAVeL

Assoziierte Promotionsstudentin


Gebäude: Erweiterungsbau 2, 2356

Ahornstrasse 55

52074 Aachen

Combinatorial Analysis of Patient-to-Room Assignment in Hospitals
Martin Comis: Robust Primary Care Systems
Nadine Friesen: Robust Infrastructure
Laura Vargas Koch: Competitive variants of discrete and continuous flows over time
Stephan Zieger: Probabilistic Operating Concepts for Highly Automated and Autonomous Rail Vehicles in Rural Areas

Bi-Weekly Talk: Tabea Krabs: One transfer per patient suffices: Structural insights about patient-to-room assignment

Bi-Weekly Talk: Martin Comis & Tabea Krabs: Minimum Color-Degree Perfect b -Matchings
Bi-Weekly Talk: A Multiobjective Approach to Hospital Patient to Room Assignment



Publikationen im Rahmen von UnRAVeL

Quelle Autor(en)
UnRAVeL Research Training Group : Uncertainty and Randomness in Algorithms, Verification, and Logic, 2020
Katoen, Joost-Pieter
Ritzert, Martin
Wilke, Richard Marlon
Dannert, Katrin M.
Lindner, Peter
et al.
[Buchbeitrag, Fachzeitschriftenartikel]
Minimum color-degree perfect b-matchings
In: Networks : an international journal, 77 (4), 477-494, 2020
[DOI: 10.1002/net.21974]
Anapolska, Mariia
Büsing, Christina Maria Katharina (Corresponding author)
Comis, Martin
Krabs, Tabea Claudia