Bi-Weekly Talk: Erich Grädel & Richard Wilke

Wednesday, 21.01.2018, 10:15am

Speakers: Erich Grädel und Richard Wilke


Erich Grädel: Logics for Dependence and Independence

Logics for dependence and independence extend first-order logic by atomic dependency notions such as functional dependence, inclusion and independence. These can be used to express the dependency of variables, for example to state that a function with certain properties exists, for which we usually need second-order logics. In order to evaluate a dependency, a set of assignments (called a team) is used instead of just one as it is usual in classical logics.


Richard Wilke: Logics with Multiteam Semantics

Logics with multiteam semantics take a similar approach as dependence logics, as we consider more than one assignment in the evaluation of a formula, but the difference is that we use a multiset, i.e. a set where we have information about how often an assignment exactly occurs. This provides us with a new logic able to express statistical dependence notions of data.