Ringvorlesung: Gerhard Lakemeyer: The Situation Calculus as Lingua Franca for Reasoning about Action

Donnerstag, 22.06.2023, 12.30 Uhr

Ort: Informatikzentrum, Geb. E2, Erdgeschoss, B-IT-Raum 5053.2.

Vortragender: Gerhard Lakemeyer


The Situation Calculus is almost as old as the field of Artificial Intelligence, and thanks to the groundbreaking work by the late Ray Reiter it is still one of the most used and best understood logical formalisms for reasoning about action and change. In this lecture I will introduce the modern form of the situation calculus due to Ray Reiter and go over extensions such as probabilistic actions and the action programming language Golog built on top of the situation calculus.