Reading Groups

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Reading groups aim to provide a forum for PhD researchers to discuss our work and to learn about new research topics with people having similar research interests. The reading groups can be used to discuss literature, ideas or research problems in an informal atmosphere. In general, each reading group should have a textbook which can serve as a guideline to the corresponding literature, but how and if the textbook is used is up to us.

The participants of a reading group select the literature of study—typically journal or conference papers, or a few chapters from a textbook. The literature will be studied in detail by two of the participants and presented by them to the other participants. Reports of the reading groups are provided during the bi-weekly seminars or the spring workshops.

Reading groups are not coordinated by the Organisation Committee, but are organized amongst the members of the group. The only is to provide a contact person in the corresponding Sciebo section, so other people also interested in the topic can reach the group.

The groups have been initiated so far. Here are the topics:

  • Dynamical systems and verification
  • Reliability modelling
  • Probabilistic Complexity and Algebra
  • Spectral and Algebraic Graph Theory
  • Constraint Satisfaction Problems

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