Thursday, 26.04.2018, 9:00am

On April 26th 2018 is once again Girls’Day! Firms, enterprises and organizations invite young school girls from all over Germany and from classes 5 and up to find out about professions in domains like handicraft, technology, computer sciences and sciences.

The 11 year old Zeynep spent a day in April 2017 as an industrial mechanic and resumes: „Girls’Day is a good preparation for the future professional life.“ More than 1,8 million young girls have participated in Girls’Day since 2001. With success: 40 per cent of the girls want to do an internship or start a formation in the profession they explored on Girls’Day. About one third of the enterprises, which were present on Girls’Day have received an application from young girls who had participated in past Girls’Day events.

The evaluation results show that: Young girls find scientific and technological professions very interesting, when they experience that the occupations can be fun, diverse and have something to do with people. Be there when young girls discover their talents. Participate to Girls’Day and use young girls' potentials for your enterprise or organization!