Open for all UnRAVeL-members: Computer Science Colloquium: AI for Good

Tuesday, April 09, 2019, 11:00 am

Location: RWTH Aachen University, Department of Computer Science - Ahornstr. 55, building E3, room 9222


Speaker: Toby Walsh

Abstract: Rapid progress is being made in AI today. Much of the technology being developed can be used for good or for bad. I will discuss the growing movement within AI research to develop AI for social good. I will illustrate this with some examples from my own research which take us from food banks to organ banks. In each case, the practical challenge of tackling the societal problem in question (dealing with hunger in a food bank, dealing with the limited supply of donated organs) threw up some interesting theoretical problems not previously studied in the literature. 

​Toby Walsh is Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of New South Wales and Data61. He was named by the Australian newspaper as one of the "rock stars" of Australia's digital revolution. 
Professor Walsh is a strong advocate for limits to ensure AI is used to improve our lives. He has been a leading voice in the discussion about autonomous weapons (aka "killer robots"), speaking at the UN in New York and Geneva on the topic. He is a Fellow of the Australia Academy of Science and recipient of the NSW Premier's Prize for Excellence in Engineering and ICT.
He appears regularly on TV and radio, and has authored two books on AI for a general audience, the most recent entitled "2062: The World that AI Made" which comes out in German in April 2019.