Für interessierte UnRAVeL Mitglieder: RTG Computational Cognition: workshop on deep reinforcement learning

27. & 28.01.2021

The online-workshop comprises of a crash course and talk-sessions with invited speakers including panel discussions. The crash course aims to provide the participants with essential knowledge on deep reinforcement learning in order to understand the special features and advantages, and, to fully benefit from the talks and the panel discussions with the international speakers who work on highly relevant projects in that field.
14:30-16:30 1st speaker session (Xaq Pitkov & Michael Littman) - 2 talks & 1 panel discussion
17:00-19:00 2nd speaker session (Deepak Pathak & Natasha Jaques) - 2 talks & 1 panel discussion

YouTube Channel: RTG Computational Cognition