Ringvorlesung: Christina Büsing: Robust Minimum Cost Flow Problem Under Consistent Flow Constraints

Donnerstag, 08.07.2021, 16.30 Uhr

Vortragende: Christina Büsing



The minimum cost flow problem is one of the best known problems in combinatorial optimization. Next to nice structural properties, many applications can be modeled via a minimum cost flow networks. In this talk we will extend this problem to include demand and supply  uncertainty. For all demand realizations, however, we require that the flow value on an arc needs to be equal if it is included in the predetermined arc set given. The objective is to find feasible flows that satisfy the equal flow requirements while minimizing the maximum occurring cost among all demand realizations. We will provide structural results and prove e.g. that the Integral Flow Theorem does not hold anymore. Furthermore, we provide several complexity results and derive some polynomial solvable cases.


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