Open for all UnRAVeL Members: Kickoff Research Colloquium of the Center for Algorithmics and Optimization

Friday, May 12, 2023, 2:30pm

Location: RWTH Aachen University, Main building (Templergraben 55), Lecture hall IV

We cordially invite all researchers (PhD students, postdocs, advanced master students, professors, ...) interested in algorithmics, mathematical optimization, and Operations Research, to the kickoff research colloquium of the Center for Algorithmics and Optimization.


  • 2:30 -- 2:40 pm: Welcome 
  • 2:40 -- 3:45 pm: Survey Talk by Prof. Dr. Vera Traub (Institute of Discrete Mathematics, Bonn) 
  • 3:45 -- 4:15 pm: Contributed talks 
  • 4:15 -- 4:45 pm: Coffee Break 
  • 4:45 -- 6:00 pm: Contributed talks 
  • 6:00 -- 7:30 pm: Get Together in the Sky Lounge (main building, top most floor) 


Survey talk  "Approximation Algorithmus for Connectivity Augmentation" by Vera Traub (2:40 – 3:45):


The goal of network design is to construct cheap networks that satisfy certain connectivity requirements. The famous algorithm by Jain [Combinatorica, 2001] provides a 2-approximation for a wide class of these problems. However, even for many very basic special cases nothing better is known.

One of the most elementary network design problems is the the weighted connectivity augmentation problem, which asks to increase the edge-connectivity of a graph in the cheapest possible way by adding edges from a given set. In this talk we present the first approximation algorithms for weighted connectivity augmentation that beat the longstanding approximation factor of 2.

This is joint work with Rico Zenklusen.

Contributed talks (Session 1):

  • 3:45 -- 4:00 pm: Giacomo Borghi (Chair of Numerical Analysis, RWTH): "A stochastic particle method for multi-objective optimization" 
  • 4:00 -- 4:15 pm: Vladimir Stadnichuk (Chair of Operations Management, RWTH): "An approximation Algorithm for the Electric Vehicle Scheduling Problem"

Contributed talks (Session 2):

  • 4:45 -- 5:00 pm: Alexander von Rohr (Institute for Data Science in Mechanical Engineering, RWTH): "Local Search with Bayesian Gradient Estimates"
  • 5:00 -- 5:15 pm: Stefan Rogosinski (Chair of Data and Business Analytics, RWTH): "Approximation guarantee for the Mixed Logit Assortment Problem based on Revenue-ordered assortments for various distributions"
  • 5:15 -- 5:30 pm: Yao Zhou (Chair of Information Theory and Data Analytics, RWTH): "Selected applications of convex optimization in future wireless communications"
  • 5:30 -- 5:45 pm: Eike Cramer (Chair of Process System Engineering, RWTH): "MAiNGO, a combination of deterministic global optimization of MINLP and hybrid mechanistic/data-driven models"
  • 5:45 -- 6:00 pm: Tim Quatmann (Chair of Software Modeling and Verification, RWTH):  "Multi-Objective Model Checking"