Teaching prize of the mathematics/physics/computer science department

Prof. Büsing at the award ceremony Copyright: © Bollwerk

Congratulations to UnRAVeL PI Christina Büsing, who has been awarded this year's Teaching Prize of the Department of Mathematics. What a great success!


The Mathematics Teaching Prize is awarded annually by the student council of mathematics/physics/computer science. It is intended to recognize special commitment and special achievements in teaching. Students make suggestions, which are then decided on by the councils teaching award committee, which is made up of students.

The decisive factor for the award was the outstandingly interactive and modern lectures, which particularly convey the joy of the subject. In addition, the preparation and follow-up of the lectures was also positively highlighted.

We remember: this is now the third award for special teaching achievements that Professor Büsing has received: Previously, she was awarded the university-wide teaching prize in 2018, in which, in addition to her lectures, the supervision of final theses was also particularly recognized.

In 2019, she (together with Dr Christina Roeckerath, Dr Nicole Faber, Professor Benjamin Stamm, Professor Manuel Torrilhon and Professor Sebastian Walcher) also received the RWTH Teaching Award in the "Project" category for the CAMMP - Computational And Mathematical Modeling Program student laboratory.