Survey Lecture: Nils Nießen: Optimised Maintenance of Railway Infrastructure

Thursday, June 17, 2021, 4:30pm

Speaker: Nils Nießen



The effect of maintenance and renewal funds on the quality of railway infrastructure is difficult to quantify. In order to establish a direct link, a model is presented to illustrate the cause-effect relationship, which describes the influence of the resources used on the infrastructure quality and vice versa. The model was applied for the infrastructure of DB Netz AG. The infrastructure under consideration is divided into the object groups bridges, tracks, points, signal boxes and level crossings. For these object groups, algorithms were created that map the cause-effect relationship by means of forecast approaches (bridges and tracks) and risk approaches (points, signal boxes and level crossings). The presentation describes the mapping of the cause-effect relationship using the example of the forecast model for the development of the condition of bridges.


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