Guest Talk: Ordered Nominal Sets and Automata

Thursday, 07.12.2017, 11:00am

Location: RWTH Aachen University, Department of Computer Science - Ahornstr. 55, building E3, room 9u10


Speaker: Joshua Moerman, Radboud University Nijmegen, NL

Nominal sets have recently been used to model certain systems with infinite state spaces. Bojanczyk et al showed that, although the sets are infinite, nominal sets admit a finite representation. This allows one to define effective algorithms. In this talk I will give a concrete finite representation of nominal sets with ordered atoms or,
timestamps. With the representation we can generalise algorithms from automata theory, for example reachability, minimisation and learning, to automata over infinite sets. I will compare our implementation of these algorithms to other ways of solving the same problems.

This is joint work with David Venhoek and Jurriaan Rot.


More information at  Radboud University Nijmegen


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